Common Mistakes On Riding Motorcycles

Today we will observe some common mistakes that people do while riding motorcycles. My SV650 has about 64 horsepower on the crank, and weights around 200 kg wet. I have two bikes in front of me, one is a GSX-R 1000, which has around 150 horsepower on the rear wheel, and weights around 200 kg wet. The other bike is a CBR 600RR, it has around 118 horsepower on the crank, and weights around 190 kg wet. Both these bikes are superior to mine when it comes to horsepower. On paper I should not stand a chance on the track against any of these two bikes. Lets observe some of the mistakes these riders are doing, and also go through where I need to improve myself. Right away we can see that the rider in front of me does not move much at all on his bike, he sits almost in the exact same position when going straight as when he is turning.

If you observe his feet, you can see that he is hanging on his heels, it is very hard to shift your body around on the bike if your feet are positioned like this If he were to position his feet just a little bit more backward, he would be able to move around on the bike This would enable him to shift is butt towards the inside of the turns, and then move his upper body in the same direction Remember that you are around 1/3 of the total weight of the bike + yourself, which means that if you lean out from the bike, you will shift the center of gravity By shifting the center of gravity, you can use less lean angle at higher speeds By moving your body like this, a lot of riders experience a quick gain in confidence on the bike Lets catch up to the Honda in front Right here I mistakenly turned in to early and did not use the total width of the track.

Turning in too early is a very common mistake when riding a motorcycle What you want to do is apex in the second half of the turn, which means turning in later than a race car would This also minimizes the amount of time you spend leaning over, which means you get more time to accelerate. So lets look at the bike in front right here, he is turning in good time but not leaning the bike over enough, which pushes him out wide Look closer at how he sits on the bike He is shifting his lower body to the inside of the turns, but his upper body is not following.

A common mistake riders do when learning how to use their body when cornering is to move their lower body far out from the bike, but not move their upper body with them You should move your head out to where the mirrors would normally be , and keep it as low as possible This will help when getting the bike leaned over Both me and the rider in front are pushing wide in this turn, where both of us should have been hugging the inside of turn If we observe how he is moving around on the bike here, he is lifting his butt up from the seat, and sitting straight down This is not a good way to move around on a bike, because you are upsetting the chassis The way you should be moving is by sliding your butt from side to side.

Elite Car Modifications which make you to go Crazy

Not everyone can buy the costliest cars which they desire. But modifications can make their car of any type in to the car of their desired ones. Based on the type on which you need to alter, it can be done accordingly.

Performance: To modify the car performance, get a K&N Air Filter. It avoids your car rod getting heat. It improves low end torque. You can upgrade bulb. You can exchange the weak lights into more glower ones. However, you should be ready to spend more for that. The Horns can also be enhanced if you are not satisfied with the current ones.

External and Internal Upgradation: There are innumerable numbers of possibilities to change the appearance of your car. It includes Chrome grills, alloy wheels, vinyl wraps, chrome beading, window sills and many more. These will make your car look awesome and rich. The internal alterations or modifications include seat covers, seating styles and the top outlooks.

Entertainment Amenities: It ranges from DVD players to the ones that can be used to your headrests. You can enjoy FM programs and songs with updated news. The audio options can be upgraded by keeping speakers of your choice.

Apart from the above all elite car modifications, the significant ones include Car duster, Vacuum cleaner, Jumper cables, and Tow rape. The popular Elite car Modifications include the given under outstanding Elite car Modifications.

Dark Knight: This model has got a new job with high end features that include high gloss metallic black paint finish and after market bumper with integrated LED DRLs. It takes additional air in a personalized manner. The headlamps got angel eye rings around the headlamps giving it a novel identity for it. The rear part of car includes a new bumper with a diffuser and roof-mounted spoiler.

Green Beast: It has the large body kit and the precise green color. It also has a new bumper with splitter and modifications and a big hood scoop. The quad exhausting tips are upgraded in this modified model.

Mustang: This is the iconic model of Elite Car. It resembles the legendary muscle car with a customized body kit. Dual exhaust tips with a new diffuse is also seen. The front part of the vehicle shows vertical LED cluster on both sides. Mustang gives quite pretty and impressive look and is a perfect model for the enthusiasts and car passionate.

Sunset orange: A bright fluorescent colored Elite model with heavy modifications is the Sunset orange. It has wide wheel arches providing a menacing outlook. It includes a big scoop on the hood and the bumper is completely changed. The headlamp units are specifically designed and are the only stock parts.

White Siren: It shows subtle modifications from Elite i20. It is the unique model. The front part of the car has red accents on the grille and the fog lamps. These accents are also seen in mirrors. It gets a wide profile rims with low profile tyres being colored in red matching the whole theme of this red colored car.

Thanks to our friend who work at a Glass Repair company for sharing his knowledge in car modifications. Your enthusiasm toward cars really help.

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Car Maintenance Tips that Can Prevent  Most Expensive Repairs of Cars

Expensive and unexpected repairs of cars can unnecessarily break your bank account. Though you cannot avoid these car repair expenses totally, you can reduce the probability of more expensive car repairs. The main thing you have to do, to reduce repair expenses is to service and maintain your car regularly. It is always best to replace parts before they fail. By regularly maintaining your car, your mechanic will be able to let you know when something in your vehicle needs to be replaced.

Here are few most expensive car repairs that have to be taken care before they damage your car totally.

A Seized Engine

If the car engine is seized, then you have to replace the entire engine or your vehicle. So it is one of the major repairs that can occur for your car. A seized engine make the crankshaft to shut down. Normally, the engine is seized, if it gets overheated or if it has been running for a long time with low or no oil. Overheating of the engine can be avoided by properly maintaining the cooling system. Using high-quality and recommended oil for your vehicle and changing the oil and filter a regular basis can avoid engine to get seized. It is also required to check the level and condition of the engine oil once a month.

Watch for these signs to know whether your engine is seized or not :

If you are driving your car and the oil warning light or the entire temperature light comes on, then it is best to stop your vehicle as soon as you safely can, turn off the engine and take it to the nearby repair shop.

Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors pump the gasoline into your vehicle engine combustion chamber. They can be said as gates that open up exactly when required and allows the only right amount of fuel to be delivered into the engine. Each cylinder in the engine has a fuel injector. As fuel injectors are part of the fuel system, even a small problem with a fuel injector can cause all kind of issues with the performance of an engine. If this problem is ignored, then it can even make it so you can’t drive your car. Fuel injectors generally go through normal wear and tear and will eventually need to be replaced. If you want to extend the life of your fuel injectors, then regular maintenance of fuel injector is a must.

To know whether fuel injectors are in perfect condition or not, watch out for these signs:

  • Smell of gas
  • Fuel leakage
  • Poor gas mileage and
  • Engine misfires.


Turbocharger repair is one of the most expensive car repairs. The cost of replacing a turbocharger could be around $5,000 to $6,000. Driving a car with turbocharger offers you fun, but it is also must to make sure that you take care of turbocharger properly. The turbocharger of your car increases the engine’s efficiency and overall power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber. The turbocharger can be maintained well by changing the engine oil and filter whenever required and by using a high-quality synthetic, on a regular schedule. Allow your engine to warm up before you start your driving and if you have been doing any fast driving, then allow your engine to get cool before shutting it off.

To know whether fuel injectors are in perfect condition or not, watch out for these signs:

  • The engine makes a loud, shrieking noise
  • Triggering of the Check Engine light
  • Poor acceleration and
  • Excessive or irregular exhaust emissions.

Needs for the Hybrid Car Repairs to Take Care of your Vehicle

When you own a car, regular maintenance and repair service are highly important to make your drive safely. If a car is properly maintained, it will also consume only the minimum amount of fuel. For the best car maintenance, you require frequent car repairs on each and every part. For the fuel saving and several other benefits, nowadays most of the individuals are going to the hybrid cars which stores more energy in the batter when the fuel or gas engine shut off. If you are having hybrid car, you just need to follow these maintenance services whenever possible.

Maintenance of hybrid cars:

  • Regenerative braking – As the hybrid car varieties are designed to bear some of the burdens of the gas engine, a few parts of the car like braking system are already preserved. The design of the hybrid car is different from one manufacturer to another but most of them are providing the regenerative braking system to their hybrid car. The regenerative braking in the hybrid car will trap and also store the electricity in the battery. This amazing technology should be maintained properly to make the reduced wear & tear on the brake pads.
  • Batteries – Most of the hybrid car manufacturers give the best level of warranty to the hybrid batteries up to 10 years or up to 1,50,000 miles. When your car battery will go to expire after the warranty period, car repairs and replacement should be essential during your monthly or yearly maintenance in order to avoid the unnecessary risks in the different situations.
  • Oil changes – As the gas engine in the cars is used only in the lesser amount, the oil should not need to be changed as frequently. Instead of the standard 3,000 mile suggestion for the oil change. If you have the hybrid car, the owners should go for the oil changes for every 5,000 miles.


Important considerations about car repairs:

Barring a battery malfunction in the hybrid cars is not covered by the warranty car over the decade. Thus, such hybrid car owners must have to expect spending the same amount of real cash as the owners of the gas powered cars on the vehicle repair and maintenance services. The following are some of the significant considerations about the car repairs and maintenance.

  • The hybrid car owners should have to always keep your battery charged by slowly coming to the stop in order to allow your regenerative braking system to store the related electricity. It will definitely extend your battery life and never allow it to completely drain.
  • After the complete stopping of your car, you have to slowly pick up the speed to preserve the fuel.
  • It is better using the synthetic oil for your hybrid car because it allows you to change the oil only within 10,000 miles.

Don’t diagnose your battery or other repairs by own, it is always better hiring a professional repair person to avoid the unnecessary risks.

Car repairs – Different Kinds of Insurance Policies for your Dream Car

When you are looking for the car repair insurance, then you will be noted several insurance policies to cover your car. In order to obtain the best one, you should take so many different factors into your account. Some of the different types of car repairs insurance are listed below:

  • Comprehensive insurance

Usually, this kind of insurance always covers the solely repairs for damages, which can be incurred because of an elemental damage. This means that any damage can be caused by another driver or an owner of the vehicle will not be covered. On the other hand, the elemental damage will include any damage caused due to animal collision, vandalism, fire, hail, theft, wind or any natural accident.

  • Automobile liability

Actually, the liability car repair insurance is now available in the dual forms. You can buy the property damage liability insurance and bodily injury liability. However, these two kinds of car repair insurances are good self explanatory.

  • Collision insurance

This type of insurance usually covers the damage repair to your car, when your car is colliding with another car or even a lifeless object. This is not for the common repairs required to your car. But this collision insurance will only provide, if you hit something with your car whether it is another car or any kind of property or object.

Things to look while choosing a car repair service

The workshop for car repair is a good friend for the car owner. Even those who have sufficient knowledge in fixing their own cars have at least visited a vehicle repair shop once in their life. Normally, this kind of car repair workshop can have the competent mechanics who have an ability to handle several types of car engines. When it comes to selecting the right car repairs shop, you must ensure that they have more experience in doing these kinds of jobs and also provide services for all types of cars, which would save your time as well as bring you ease and convenience. When you are choosing a car repair service, here are a few things to look:

  • Service cost of the car restoration workshop
  • Auto repair shops would be well experienced in handling multiple vehicles for different car engines
  • Ensure that they provide you extra services
  • Provide trouble free and all car repair services based on the car owner needs
  • Ensure that the car repair workshops can provide top quality service
  • You have to be very careful that charge you extra for something other than repairing your vehicle
  • The good car repair workshop does the good job


Getting an insurance quote for car repair online

Basically, the insurance cost for car repair may vary from one insurer to another. This is a major reason; why it is the car insurance quote is essential for you to obtain the car insurance quote. It also saves you a big amount of money, but you have to pay only low amount for this policy.

Tips to Choose Right Car Repairs Service

The Car Repairs are unexpected and you will not expect the time of your car troubles you. The first thing you will do when your car gets break down is checking the issue. When you didn’t find the problem then you will take vehicle to the car repair services. There are many service providers available to repair your cars but finding the right person will make all the sense. There are certain things you need to check while choosing car repairs service.

What a Car Repair Service Can Do?

There are certain services that your car repairs should provide to the customers. This will help your car to get repaired in-time with right applications. Here are some of the main services your car repairs should provide:

  • Full Body Servicing and Maintenance
  • Electrical repairs and work services
  • Mechanical works and diagnostics
  • Cleaning and other service works


Tips to choose right Car Repairs Service:

Hiring for ease of commercial and residential construction there are also hundreds of car repair services available in your area that you can hire them to get right benefits. The right service providers can best work to remove your car problems and will also charge you less fare. Here are some of the useful tips you can use to find right car repairs service providers in your area.

  • You need to have the list of service providers in your area. This list will help you to pick right car repairs service. You can also refer to the service schemes they offer to the people. This wills you to hire right providers for low cost chargers.
  • Safety is most important things required for the car repair services. The providers with valid certification will best work to provide safety to your car. The wrong service can make your car not work and sometimes can affect the performance of your vehicle. Hence you should spend some time and choose the service providers with the certification to give service. There is lot of other things involved in the car repair services.
  • The professional repairmen are the required persons to solve all kinds of issues with your vehicle. They know how to deal with repair works and also the best things about the car repairs services. They will first check the problems and then provide solution to them. Later they will check all other parts of cars with working condition. This will help your car to get complete problem free situations.
  • The car repairs shops should contain right equipment that is provided by the company. This will help the customers to repair their cars with best features. You should not go for other services as the company you hire contains all the required services. Hence there are lots of things involved in the car repairs services.
  • These are the top things involved in hiring the car repair services. You can choose these factors while hiring the service required by the company services. Hence these are the things involved in hiring the car repairs services.

Car Repair Services Basic Requirement Needs

Having an automobile at home is not a big task to purchase it. But the owner of that automobile should be equally an important and a paramount part. An automobile can be anything, it can be a car, a motorbike or anything that runs on the roads. Cars, the most luxurious automobile these days for riders. People deranged by looking at various models of cars, but the despondent part is the car vehicle owners don’t take proper care to their own vehicles. What’s the use of spending some hefty amounts, if you don’t take proper care of your own vehicle? These days it became just a stalwart status to own a car and show the world that they do possess one.

Cars, the wonderful automobile designed for humans which made so convenient and commodious enough for the travellers who is riding in those loyal cars. The inside part of the car looks roomy and spacious to sit and travel if and only if the car’s engine and all the accessories work well.

Just like you need a Tree Service for your tree maintenance, cars as well should be taken proper care and at least in order to get good performance and pickup. A good service and proper repairs could keep cars in good working condition all the time. Basic services should be done once in a while like proper oiling, anti-freezing, filter changes and many other basic services to maintain cars in proper working condition.

Generally headlights, car side glasses and mirrors are important parts of the car. These are the accessories that complete a car to look complete and unexpurgated. Small things matter a lot to any car. Revamping and redesigning costs a lot if in case any damage happened, such as car crushed in an accident and wanted to remodel and refashion the design and outlook etc.

Do you think the tyres of the car needs to be changed every frequently? Never, its nothing like that. All depends upon your driving, acceleration and maintenance, distance etc. The width of the tyres also matters a lot for a car for smooth driving and maintaining proper friction.

Car showrooms are available in plenty and they are proper car servicing centres and showrooms being available who provides and maintain a good connection and rapo with the customers. It also increases the durability of the engine once it gets repaired and serviced.

Hardly it takes less time to get repaired and serviced, and these are not a daily work to be done. So once you get your repairs done, then there would not be any more repairs and services done for few months. Spending some plenty of million and billions on buying these cars, and if you couldn’t spend few thousand bucks for repairs then it would be so awful and cheap enough. Later, after a period the working of the machine or engine stops and you’ll feel so obnoxious with the car which you had purchased by spending some millions.

So, it would be better to make sure that your car’s basic needs like engine oiling, headlights working condition, proper tyres, a regular wash to the car and taking it for services at least 2-3 times in a year to keep it in running condition. A Car is a next home for a happy family; remember it, people.

Car Lock Repair

Car lock repair is a crucial art to grasp or learn. There are very many different varieties of models of cars and the ways of manufacturing them. Hence, it varies from model to model.

Different original equipment manufacturers, OEMs, have their own ways of getting them installed to perfection. The secrets of breaking through such units are also maintained as confidential information. It is secret for even the company employees.

It is only those few that would know on how to break through the locks of different models of the cars that the company has released. It is taught especially with the engineering drawings of the system to perform effective repair works that arise out of several reasons such as the accidents, jam, and so on. The respective engineers keep these drawings and all such technical information well preserved and do not release it to the outsiders.

In case of any problems encountered, you should approach the respective Dealers in your proximity immediately or the private garages out there. The person who attends to your problem if in case of fixes it, would completely know on how to break it as well. It is always going to be a menace until you replace the unit as a whole. You have to rely on trustworthy authentic sources.

Online sites are there which can get your problem sorted out by guiding you to the nearest best garage to get your thing done to perfection. Manual will be quite handy in these circumstances.

When you approach, private garages look for the automotive service excellence certification and stamping with them. Such licenses are important to show that they have adequate competency in their trade. They could be relied on as they are enlisted in the respective council.

Even further, confirm with the technician if he has already worked in the car lock repair of the same model. If not then look for someone of that sort to get it done easily. Those who do not know might complicate the issue altogether.